Do you know vintage kimono silk? It is elegant, heavy, and firm. I bought a clutch, a beautiful one made of old kimono silk. Sometime in March, because going out wasn’t allowed, but dreaming of it was. After Greenstyle Munich, the fair for sustainable fashion had to be canceled on the opening day due to the new Covid-19 regulations. Instead, the fair took place digitally. That’s how I first discovered the pretty bags of Friends That Rhyme online. I love vintage clothes and furniture and I particularly liked the idea of upcycling fine kimono fabrics.

Friends That Rhyme, that’s Sabine and Nadine (hence the name), who met in Japan a few years back, both being transplanted “Expat-Wives”. This gave rise to a close friendship and the desire to work together. While traveling together, they discovered old Obi fabrics and so the idea was conceived to create handbags from these vintage fabrics. Obi is the 3 to 5m long belt of the traditional kimono, which is usually stocked with elaborate brocade patterns of gold threads and silk.

Upcycling Kimono Silk while Helping Refugee Women

The idea behind Friends That Rhyme is to give the fabrics a new life through upcycling. For example, to sew the clutches, Nadine and Sabine work together with the Frankfurt tailoring company Stich by Stitch, which trains and employs refugee women. The bags are therefore not only vintage but also handmade in Germany at fair pay. So there is a bit of history and a big piece of individuality in every bag.

Friends That Rhyme‘s clutches and wristlets are unique in their own right. They fit wonderfully with summer outfits, for example for the next garden cocktail, but also with elegant evening dresses for dinner or opera. These are my current favorites because they look bright and elegant. On the website, however, there are many more beautiful patterns and colors.

If you like a clutch and you want to buy it, I have an exclusive code for you. With “GREEN15” you get a 15 discount at checkout.

*small disclaimer: this is unpaid advertising. I bought the clutch myself because I just found it beautiful.

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