I was already able to try out the products of Lovely Day Botanicals in 2016, when the brand was still brand new. The vegan skincare brand from Berlin already got me hooked at that time. Compared to most brands, owner Josy and her team have been manufacturing the products in their own laboratory since the beginning. The laboratory, office, and the cute shop, are all located in Emser Straße in Neukölln.

The store with its bright pastel colors, a chic couch, and lots of green plants exudes an atmosphere to linger around. Here you can not only buy the entire Lovely Day range but also leftover raw materials to mix your own DIY skincare or just use it as single ingredient care, such as pure apricot kernel oil, squalane, or aloe vera. a In addition to its own line, there are also other Berlin brands such as Fine, which has become known for its deodorant and Mermé, which produce ultra-minimalist oils. There are also jewelry, pretty postcards, and hairbands. The stylish incense bowl in collaboration with the Berlin potter Jérémy Bellinacaught my eye.

Opening hours:

Emserstraße 126
Berlin – Neukölln

Tue to Fri 2-6pm Saturday 11am-3pm

Phone: 030 55247914

Lovely Day Botanicals vegan cosmetics from Berlin

Highly effective and environmentally friendly

The term upcycling has been used quite a lot recently when it comes to furniture or fashion. For example, I’ve written about vegan leather, which is derived from waste pods in the food industry. But did you know that raw cosmetic ingredients can also be upcycled? I think it’s really cool that Lovely Day strives to use raw materials from upcycling sources. This means that fruit kernel oils, for example, are actually by-products from the food industry and not sourced just for the sake of producing skincare. Josy also tries to buy the raw materials as locally as possible. For example, to make products more regional, she has exchanged exotic raw materials such as hibiscus for the regional and as effective orange blossoms.

Perfect for sensitive skin

For anyone who has such incredibly sensitive skin, which at the same time tends to redness, dryness, and impurities, I can recommend these two products in particular:

Skin Rescue: The Blue Tansy, contained in the green-blue serum, quickly brings my skin back to its normal color thanks to its high azulene content, which not only relieves irritation but is also an antihistamine. It also uses argan and evening primrose oil.

Hyaluron & Bloom: Because the Hyaluron & Bloom toner is so pleasantly tingling on the skin, I spritz it directly onto the face without a detour over the cotton pad. In this way, all active substances can act directly. The ingredients read fantastically for me: Moisturizing orange and rose petal water serves as the basis, which also gives the pink color. Camomile hydrolate and Aloe Vera soothe the skin. In addition to vegan hyaluronic acid, the toner also contains PHA fruit acid, which is known to renew the skin cells from peelings and thus stimulates collagen formation. In addition, there is repairing peach flower extract and voila, one has an all-round effective toner.

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