For years South African-based biological scientist and clinical researcher Jené has searched the planet for its most effective botanicals that are both: highly effective and ethically harvested by local communities. She’s visited harvesters and NGOs around the world to make sure, she’s developing a truly fair trade skincare brand with the most powerful active ingredients. The result, LUXE Botanics, is an eco-luxury skincare line based on sustainability and social responsibility.

I have personally followed LUXE’s development for quite some time on Instagram and was excited when they were finally available in Germany.

LUXE has developed products based on scientific research with transformative botanical ingredients like Kigelia, Camu Camu and Marula. The brand only uses organic and wild-harvested botanicals while the packaging can be easily recycled.

LUXE Boatnics Fair Trade Skincare Kosmetik

The Camu Brightening Cleanser is the softest cleanser ever! I adore the texture. Its weightless cream gently removes dirt, excess oil and other impurities while preserving the skin’s delicate lipid barrier. Camu Camu and Green Tea extracts have brightening effects and refine the appearance. Coconut, Chamomile and Cucumber extracts soothe the skin and reveal a radiant and vital complexion.

Kigelia Serum von LUXE Botanics Fair Trade Skincare

For my sensitive skin, I’ve tried the super luxurious Kigelia Corrective Serum. The mild yet effective plant Kigelia africana eliminates unsightly skin problems and supports the natural regeneration of cells. Enriched with vitamin C, niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate to soothe and calm stressed skin, the serum helps restoring healthy and flawless skin.

Little skincare tip: the rich serum texture works best when mixed with some floral water, e.g. by Kahina Giving Beauty or Susanne Kaufmann.

For LUXE, Fair Trade Means Supporting Harvesting Communities Around the World

With every purchase, the brand helps support their local harvesting communities in Kenya, Malawi, and Brazil. LUXE has vetted all its botanical suppliers about their ethics in their supply chain, local fair trade initiatives, and organic certifications. LUXE only partners with producers they know have an ethical supply chain and usually they travel to visit the harvesting on site.

Based in Kenya, the Marula cooperative not only provides a fair trade living but also gives back meaningfully. For example, they’re building schools and medical clinics, paying teachers and nurses, and also having local experts come to speak to the community about nutrition, healthy childbirth, and more.

The Kigelia (Soil Association certified organic) supplier is part of the Union for Ethical Biotrade. Created in Geneva in 2007i it promotes sourcing of ingredients that come from biodiversity. In that way it ensures that all contributors in the supply chain are paid fair trade prices.

A Brazilian NGO, part of the National Commission of Medicinal Plants and Phytotherapics, supplies the Camu (USDA certified organic). Working with local communities, they guarantee a sustainable supply chain as well as a source of work. Thus they’re providing income and helping to reduce rural exodus.

*Disclaimer: This article was created in collaboration with LUXE Botanics. I only enter into partnerships with brands that I have personally tested and liked and that match my values.

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