Marula oil as beauty miracle But what is marula oil and what is it used for in cosmetics?

Marula is considered a highly stable, long-lasting oil, which is why it has now found its way into organic cosmetics. Since it is cold pressed, all valuable vitamins are retained. Thus, for example, the beauty oil contains 60% more antioxidants than argan oil and plenty of vitamin C. Both help protect the skin from aging and produce collagen. In addition, Marula oil is replenishing and sealing, which means it locks in moisture, making it the perfect skin care for dry skin. It..

  • strengthens the skin’s own lipid film
  • nurtures irritated or sensitive skin
  • is moisturizing
  • Contains vitamin C and antioxidants

Where is the oil sourced from?

If you’ve ever been to South Africa, you know Amarula, a liqueur that tastes similar to Bailey’s. Like Amarula, Marula oil comes from the seeds of the Marula tree found in southern Africa. Traditionally, African women have long used the oil for beauty purposes. That is why it is mostly women who extract and process the product.

Organic Skincare with Marula Oil

Marula Oil by African Botanics
Marula Oil by African Botanics

A luxurious oil is available from African Botanics, which consists of a blend of marula and precious neroli flowers. Both ingredients, are known for their rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effects and the Neroli also smells fantastic.

Another product of the premium brand African Botanics is the Stretch Mark Botanical Body Oil with Marula. Together with avocado and jojoba oil, it provides rich vitamin E and various nourishing oleic acids.

Also high quality is Luxe Botanics’ Marula Hydrating Serum, which is extracted by a women’s cooperative in Kenya. I have written about itin the last year.

Organic Marula Oil by facetheory

Somewhat less expensive is the pure Organic Marula Oil from facetheory. It has a somewhat nutty scent, which is why it is often and preferably mixed with Neroli oil. However, I find that pure marula fruit is so rich that it doesn’t need any other additives at all. Facetheory have evaluated what is in their pure product:

Oleic acid – 70-78 %
Linoleic acid – 4-7 %
Palmitic acid – 9-12 %
Stearic acid – 5-8 %
ALA acid – 0.1%-0.6%
C20+ – 0,5 %–0,9 %

Support Social Projects

Often the oil is harvested and cold-pressed in cooperation with African communities, supporting various third-world development programs such as women’s shelters, schools and family projects. Therefore, look for appropriate organic or fair trade labels.

*Disclaimer: I have freely selected the products in this article. I only write about brands that I like and that fit my values.

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