Finding good sustainable creams and shampoos is now very easy, as even drugstores carry various natural cosmetics brands. But when it comes to finding a good natural perfume, the search suddenly becomes quite difficult. Because scents are individual and should always be something special, that is what makes them precious. That’s why I’m always looking at niche fragrances that aren’t immediately recognizable and relatable.

Why it is important to focus on naturalness in perfume as well

Most fragrances in conventional perfumes are being synthesized from chemical ingredients or are derived from petroleum. Since our skin absorbs perfumes the same way it absorbs creams, 60 to 70% percent of it, it makes a difference what we put on our skin. For example, the hidden chemicals in perfumes can be irritating, allergenic or even harmful to our long-term health.

A natural perfume, on the other hand, is usually free of animal testing and made without synthetic chemicals. They consist of essential oils, extracts and essences. Thus, natural fragrances are usually gentler and less irritating. Here are three top brands that produce natural perfume, of pure organic origin.


Tucked away on a small side street right in the center of Palma de Mallorca is the gorgeous store of Arquinesia. Upon entering, one does not yet suspect the wonderful rooms that unfold one after another, each decorated with antique furniture and flowers. No wonder the store, which resembles more of a gallery, is called “The Secret Place”. Not until the final, the main room do the products present themselves in old apothecary cabinets. Arquinesia perfumes are unique and authentic, inspired by the fragrances of the Balearic Islands. We love ‘Scent of History’.

Available at or in store.

Abel Odors

Abel organic perfume natürliches Parfüm

Amsterdam-based brand Abel aims to become the best clean perfume brand in the world with the purest ingredients and high standards of quality and aesthetics. Abel uses only organic ingredients and blends essential oils with food-grade alcohol for its unique scents. The chic unisex perfumes come in minimalistic flacons. Red Santal and Cobalt Amber smell particularly sophisticated.

For EUR 15 you get three samples, which are offset when you order a fragrance. Available at & amazingy

WA:IT Boatnicamente

Hito is a charming fresh unisex fragrance with Italian and Japanese influences. Made from 100% plants, it is one of the most sustainable fragrances on the market. For example, the ingredients are selected according to strict criteria, and the supply chain is also certified. Sustainable materials are used for packaging: recyclable glass and wood, and recycled cardboard. The fragrance contains notes of Japanese yuzu, black tea, fig and Sicilian citrus. Already on the wellness gift list and currently my favorite fragrance for the daytime. Available at and at Organic Luxury.

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