There are a few instant love brands and MontOlympe is one. The fact that the organic cosmetics brand not only manufactures skincare products, but also hair care is not uncommon, but the fact that I finally find the perfect products for my long hair makes me so happy. The Greek is based close to Thessaloniki on the Peloponnese. This is where the eponymous Mount Olympus is located, the mythological birthplace of the ancient gods.

The ingredients of MontOlympe are sourced from organic farmers in the region who cultivate the local herbs and plants for the products. Since the production of MontOlympe is also happening right there, it can be ensured that the active ingredients are freshly processed and thus preserved to 100 per cent.

Perfect Care and No More Bad Hair Days

One thing I swore to myself: No more bad hair days. Because my hair was unfortunately already quite brittle and unruly due to daily styling and I had already tested some organic shampoos and conditioners. So far, however, not with satisfactory results.

I’ve tested the rinse Daphne & Chloe as well as the Gaea Hair and Body Oil by MontOlympe The Gaea Oil Serum is like gold for skin and hair. It is inspired by Gaea, the goddess of all earthly life in Greek mythology. The serum is made up of 18 effective natural oils. Abyssinian oil, for example, acts naturally like silicone: it smoothes the hair strands, makes them soft and well combable. It is therefore perfect for the care of long hair. Babassu oil helps the hair repair broken structures and wheat germ oil nourishes with a particularly high amount of vitamin E.

The rinse smells wonderfully of Mediterranean plants and herbs. Here, too, Abyssinian oil forms the basis together with laurel, nettle, and quinoa proteins. It is advertised in such a way that it minimizes crimping and that is exactly what I experienced after the first hair wash. My high-maintenance hair was much lighter to hair dry and easier to style. I am super happy with both products and can recommend them both. For me, it is the perfect care for long hair.

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