Prevent stretch marks or not – if you are pregnant right now, first and foremost, I wish you with all my heart that you and your baby are healthy. That is the most important thing, everything else is nice to have.

Oh boy! Meanwhile, my baby is 3 months old and I’m getting back to blogging after an extended summer break.

One thing I wanted to hold off until the end is recommendations for good baby bump care using natural cosmetics. After all, I wanted to make sure I was really making it through without stretch marks. And yes, I did it! By the way, I didn’t expect it because I have a lot of marks on my thighs, butt and back due to growing too fast.

During pregnancy, creaming and massaging my belly has become a beloved ritual. It is a time dedicated to yourself and your baby with a loving massage that benefits both. These products have helped me during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

Weleda Stretch Mark Oil

Pregnancy care oil to prevent stretch marks from Weleda

When you research how to best care for your baby bump during pregnancy, this oil from Weleda is sure to pop up at the top. Rightly so, because I liked it best of the oils I tried. That’s why I used it throughout my pregnancy. Although it lasts only about 1 to 1.5 months and you have to buy again regularly. At least, hopefully, you will save on the stretch mark treatments following the pregnancy. Buy it at flaconi. Here, the Weleda pregnancy oil is 3 euros cheaper! So it’s worth it to order several bottles here.

Inlight Beauty Body Butter

Inlight Beauty Body Butter against stretch marks

The Inlight Body Butter smells wonderful and is a great alternative to oil. I used it not only on my belly, but on my entire body. Sesame oil, coconut, rosehip oil, nettle and blueberry provide an ultra-nourishing cocktail of vitamins and nutrients.

Cremes and Gels Against Stretch Marks

Balm for Pregnant Women by frei öl, Stretch Mark Gel by Typology and Massage Gelee by Hildegard Braukmann

Granted, the oils and butters are great, but if you’re in a hurry in the morning, they’re a bit impractical as they take a long time to absorb. That’s why I often preferred to use a cream in the morning. Although not quite as sustainable as everything else I present, but on good way there and for it really so so pleasantly light and at the same time nourishing is the Nourishing Balm for Pregnant Women by frei öl.

Gels, by the way, are also a nice option. My favorite is Typology’s Stretch Mark Gel-to-Oil, which uses baobab and passion fruit extract.

Also very good and with African plant active ingredient is the Mami & Ich Massage Glücks Gelee by Hildegard Braukmann, which works with stilt bulbine, a South African lily. In addition, the tube has a massage applicator to effectively massage in the gel.

Prevent Stretch Marks with These Steps

  • First, start skincare early in your pregnancy to soften and increase elasticity of the skin and tissues underneath. Even if you don’t see a baby bump yet.
  • Second, make it a ritual to massage your belly in the evening. Best with a plucking massage
  • Thirdly, cream or oil really twice a day
  • Fourth, eat healthily and provide your body with all the essential nutrients. Your skin will also benefit from this.
  • Fifth, move around as much as you can. It’s different for every woman and pregnancy, but for me cycling and swimming were the most enjoyable sports.

Perineal oil for the prevention of tears

Just like the abdomen, the perineum consists of muscles that are stretched significantly during childbirth. Therefore, you can also try and prevent tears with regular perineal massages to avoid really bad, painful tears here. Although, of course, there is never a guarantee, in my case, for example, it actually prevented bad tears despite vacuum delivery. Therefore, start with it in your 34th week and follow the instructions on the package. The perineal massage oil from Weleda is also available at flaconi for 2 euros less. But you will only need one bottle here.

*Disclaimer: the products mentioned here I have some bought myself while others were gifted to me. I write exclusively about products that I have personally tested and that correspond to my values. Some products receive affiliate links.

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