The biggest trend in the beauty industry that I’ve seen over the past year on social media and also at Vivaness is sustainable packaging. More and more beauty brands are turning to sustainable, innovative packaging. They recycle, upcycle and offer refills. The newest start-ups on the market, in particular, are making a special effort to be as sustainable as possible in every step of production. Sure, some might say no packaging is best, but I love my products in their beautiful bottles too much and sometimes I no packaging isn’t an option. Here are the best ideas:

Reusable system and refill for shampoos

Returnable glass bottles by Lapahdu

The shampoos of the Munich-based label Lapahdu come in returnable glass bottles. Personally, I find glass bottles in the shower okay, but I understand if that’s too risky for some. Lapahdu’s Refill by Bellfill system works like this: for each empty, returned 250 ml bottle, Lapahdu credits your customer account with €1.50/bottle. You can either return the bottles collected in packs of 4 or drop them off at a local Lapahdu retailer.

I very much enjoy the herbal scent of the shampoo. It lathers well and makes the hair super clean. I already had their convenient travel size bottle with me on trips (yes that was a long time ago 😉

Nada Simply Care Refill

Nada, Spanish for nothing, uses powder refills which you mix yourself at home with water for a soapy emulsion. I think this is great, as I’m not so into solid shampoo. The nada shower gel & shampoo bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and is refillable. That is, to get your new shampoo you just have to reorder the powder packaged in a small 100% degradable pyramid-formed package. Then water is added to the bottle up to the marked line, powder on top and shake. After that, give it some time until you use it. Because after you shook it, it’s on high pressure. Of course, I couldn’t wait and accidentially sprayed the shampoo all over my shower.

The shampoo is best available online at or in various Alnatura and Unpacked stores.

Munich brands that focus on sustainable organic skincare

Organic skincare meets upcycling at Circly

The Munich unisex brand Circly focuses on upcycling. That is, not only the packaging but also the ingredients. That means with Circly you use organic skincare with upcycled ingredients like coffee grounds and orange peels. I think the idea and the concept are super innovative. Since the idea was born while drinking coffee, the products so far are actually all based on coffee – so for roasted bean lovers, there is the pleasant smell of coffee included. The facial serum made from coffee oil and raspberry seeds is rich, nourishing and pleasantly scented.

Circly is of course available online at or at, as well as in various organic stores and concept stores.

Return, Refill, and Reuse by I Want You Naked

I have already reported on the return system “Return & Recycle” from I Want You Naked. But it should not be missing here either. I think it’s great that the brand provides you with so many options. For example, I can either refill the hand soap over and over again, or I can easily peel the I Want You Naked label off the bottle, revealing their fun brand name, and fill it with other products. This is especially fun because the bottle is still printed with a provocative “I Want You Naked” under the label. Also the porcelain jar with the bamboo lid of their latest soap is so pretty that you won’t even think of disposing of it at all, but take it for jewelry, masks, or other small things. If you still want to get rid of the containers, you can send them back to I Want You Naked free of charge and receive a generous €10 voucher for every three containers.

Do you know of any other brands that focus on sustainable packaging and extensive eco-friendly practices? Feel free to send these to me!

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