As you know, I always like to present young Munich brands. Nefela Bags is a local Munich bag label where both the design and the production takes place in their own workshop.

Since we’ve gottem a nice little wooden electric boat, my waterproof Nefela Bag is perfect for boat trips. I chose the very bright version as I like the minimalist design very much. The bag is big enough to store bath towels and everything else you need for a day at the lake. A removable inner pocket is perfect for a mobile phone and sunscreen. And although I am not a backpack lover, I find it perfect for getting in and out of the boat. The bags are also super practical for easy mountain hikes, bike trips, or a day at the beach.

The friendly owner Vladislav Georgiev produces the backpacks in his Munich factory in Sendling. Vladi and his team source the fabrics from the family-owned company ESVO (since 1922) from Holland, where they are also manufactured. They are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. The bags are also coated with beeswax to ensure water resistance.

Nefela focuses on ecology, functionality, coolness & originality when designing the bags. The goal is to produce locally and long-lastingly, always ensuring short supply chains. In addition to its own bags, Nefela also offers commissioned work. Among other things, they have already produced special bags for artists and musicians. There is also a repair service because repairing is always more sustainable than throwing away and buying new.

So if you are looking for a super functional and minimalist bag, then I can highly recommend this sympathetic Munich bag label.

Munich bag label Nefala Bags Bag Manufacture
Munich bag label Nefala Bags Bag Manufacture

*Product is a PR Sample

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