Ibiza is known for its stunning beaches, earning it the name “White Island.” It’s also famous for parties and jet-setters. But there’s more to it than just parties and sunbathing. Go inland, and you’ll see another side of Ibiza. Yes, summer brings crowds and a lively scene. But after spending a summer here, I found a quieter, eco-friendly Ibiza. There are green hotels, farm-to-table restaurants, and sustainable activities. Want to experience this eco-friendly side? Here’s your guide to Ibiza’s green experiences:

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Eco-conscious and plant-based restaurants in Ibiza

Aubergine Ibiza
(c) Aubergine Ibiza

1. Aubergine Ibiza

Located in Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza offers a farm-to-table experience. Thus, they source most ingredients from their own organic garden or from local producers. Making the menu both delicious and sustainable. In the in-house store, you can find pretty design objects, delicacies, and clothes. The restaurant is also very family-friendly with an outdoor playground.

Why Aubergine Ibiza is environmentally friendly:
  • Organic products
  • Home-grown or locally sourced ingredients

2. La Paloma

La Paloma is located in the countryside in San Lorenzo. With a homemade food approach, it grows most of its herbs and vegetables in its own garden. Because the family comes from Italy, you will find delicious Italian dishes here. Their menu changes according to seasonal availability. Hence, they only put the freshest ingredients on the table.

Why La Paloma is sustainable:
  • Seasonal homemade menu
  • Own organic garden

4. Terra Masia (breakfast only)

Terra Masia is a biodynamic farm in the Santa Eulalia region. In summer, delicious breakfast is served here daily until 2 p.m. Afterward, you can buy vegetables, fruit, herbs, teas, and eggs in the farm shop.

Why Terra Masia is green:
  • Biodynamic farming.
  • Farm-to-table organic breakfast.
  • The farm produces its own dairy products, grains, vegetables, fruits and herbs

The Guide to Eco-Friendly Hotels in Ibiza

Cas Gasi Agroturismo Ibiza

1. Cas Gasi: Luxurious Agroturismo in the Heart of the Island

Cas Gasi in the heart of Ibiza is a luxurious agroturismo with 18 rooms. They use solar power and even grow their own food used in the restaurant. The calm vibe matches its green mission perfectly. Plus, you can book Cas Gasi on my sustainable booking portal Select Green Hotels.

Why the Cas Gasi is kind to the environment:
  • Solar-powered.
    • Organic products from their own garden.
Can Marti Eco Agroturismo Ibiza

2. Can Marti: Eco Holiday Homes on a Sustainable Farm

Can Marti is located in the middle of a beautiful 400-year-old finca. The simple but stylishly built apartments are designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. For example, energy comes from solar cells, and pool water is purified by reeds. Furthermore, they celebrate a conscious, nature-loving life.

Why Can Marti is eco:
  • Use of renewable energies through solar cells.
  • Organic farming methods.
  • Natural pool, in which plants act as a natural filter. Thus, there’s no need for any chlorine or other mineral filters.
Mikasa Ibiza
(c) Mikasa

4. Mikasa: Sustainable Design and Plant-Based Cuisine at Botafoch Marina

Mikasa is located near Ibiza Town at the Botafoch marina. This boutique hotel offers a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern design while promoting environmentally friendly practices. For example, the cuisine is plant-based and ingredients are sourced seasonally and ethically.

Why Mikasa is eco-friendly:
  • Plant-based, regional food.
  • Use of recycled and sustainable materials.
Six Senses Ibiza Infinity Pool Sunset

5. Six Senses Ibiza: Eco-Luxury in a Dream Location

Six Senses Ibiza can’t be missing from my Green Ibiza Guide, of course. After all, it takes the concept of eco-luxury to a new level. With a focus on wellness and sustainability, the resort relies on renewable energy, waste recycling, and local procurement. Like in every Six Senses, the in-house Earth Lab even offers workshops on sustainability for guests.

Why Six Senses Ibiza is environmentally friendly:
  • Use of renewable energy.
  • While plastic-free is lived at the resort, it is also demanded from suppliers.
  • Educational programs on sustainability in the Earth Lab.

Ibiza: Green Gems in the Midst of the Party Island

Even though flights from London, Paris, and Barcelona arrive every hour until late at night in high season, the beaches are overcrowded and, unfortunately, thousands of cigarette butts can be found on every beach. Nevertheless, Ibiza offers beautiful nature and a slow travel lifestyle to those who search for it. However, what I didn’t find were organized beach clean-ups or a cigarette ban on beaches. Neither beach clubs nor hotels have shown much initiative here. Unfortunately, the beaches were therefore quite dirty.

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