CBD is the new super-ingredient in cosmetics right now, which is supposed to be highly effective in skincare, but is also used for general well-being, so for example for tension and pain. A few weeks ago I already wrote about CBD oils. And since this topic is so interesting, I have to tell you a little more about wellness cosmetics with CBD.

Rescue for my tense neck: the Vayy Sport Gel

I’ve been sitting on a fancy mid-century wooden chair in my home office for over a year. While it’s nice to look at, my neck now feels like it’s been cast in concrete; simply rock hard. It is obvious that this also causes severe pain. In general, I’m really troubled by neck pain. So I’m really trying a lot of things, hoping for permanent relief (yes, I’ve been to various orthopedists and osteopaths, etc.).

I had actually only ordered the Vaay Mouth Spray and luckily got a small sample pack of the VAAY Sport Gel. I applied this to the aching areas before going to bed a few times, and each time I had no more pain in the morning. Incredibly good! I will definitely reorder it. For sore muscles, for example, after running, I have not yet been able to try it, because the package was simply too small, but based on the ingredients I assume that it is also very beneficial here.

Clean Beauty Wellness cosmetics with CBD

CBD can do so much more: as a powerful antioxidant, it eliminates harmful free radicals and thus inhibits the breakdown of collagen. Therefore, many great clean beauty brands have now brought out their own CBD cosmetics. The Swedish brand LA:Bruket, for example, has released a separate label right away under the name LA.Dope. This includes face cream, hyperpotent serum which contains CBD, retinol and hyaluron, cleanser, eye fluid and oil.

Votary is coming up with a precious serum and oil with CBD and strawberry seeds, and the Austrian company You&Oil has developed a wonderful body lotion with CBD and squalane.

*Disclaimer: this article is tagged with affiliate links. I only enter into collaborations with brands that I have personally tested and that match my values.

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