Coral-friendly sunscreens have always been important to me as a diver. Today is also World Oceans Day, so let’s talk about sunscreen that is both, effective on the skin and not harmful for the ocean. In recent weeks we have received repeated news that the seas are recovering because there are no more tourists on the beaches. Almost extinct turtle species have been able to spawn on Thai beaches again, the water in Venice has become clearer again and in general, the ocean’s ecosystems seem to have partially recovered. Nature would certainly continue to do well if we treated it more cautiously at the start of this summer season. In addition to plastic avoidance, this also includes the use of clean beauty sunscreens. Using conventional sunscreens is not an alternative, because they are harmful to us humans as well as to the environment. When we go swimming with it on, we destroy our lakes, rivers, and oceans. The creams contain microplastics and chemicals that are both hormonally active and can destroy entire coral reefs.

Coral-friendly sunscreens – these are the best brands

Annemarie Börlind

Annemarie Börlind’s products are among my favorites. The sun care series prevents premature skin aging with sea buckthorn complex in combination with vitamin E. I also sometimes use the sunscreen in summer as skincare under my daily make-up. You can find Annemarie Börlind online at Douglas, or in Alnatura and Müller branches.


COOLA is an American brand from San Diego that is very committed to the conservation of reefs. I have been using the products for several years and can recommend the whole range, be it the sports cream, the normal sun milk, or the spray. COOLA can be bought online at Niche Beauty and also locally in Munich e.g. at Organic Luxury.


Dado Sens is also part of Annemarie Börlind is a cosmetic series especially for sensitive skin. Therefore, the sunscreen is also developed for sensitive as well as allergy-prone skin. I like to use Dado Sens make-up and am just as convinced of the sunscreen. In addition to the sun protection complex, it consists of a nourishing ectoin anti-aging active ingredient complex and vitamin E. Panthenol and allantoin also have a calming effect. You can also find Dado Sens online at Douglas, or in all Miller branches.

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