The last few weeks I’ve been traveling a lot as I’ m currently setting up a sustainable travel business. So please forgive me for posting so little. Nevertheless, I was not inactive. After all, I have so tested some new creams and serums for sensitive skin. All products are enriching and suitable for slightly more mature 30+ skin.

Serums for sensitive skin

I was especially interested in the Eye & Lip DNA Repair by Dr. Hauck from the Allgäu region of Germany (a region rooted in eco-consciousness), because it works with astaxanthin, which is known to be the strongest antioxidant and is said to be 6000 times as effective as vitamin C. Another highly effective active ingredient is the algae-based photolyase enzyme.

The products of Coeur de Beauté from Berlin work with valuable oils such as hemp oil, moringa oil and marula oil. Both are completely fragrance-free. The Cream Serum with Recovery Complexalso promotes collagen formation thanks to mat bean extract, which acts like retinol.

The Probiotic Face Care was specially developed to protect sensitive skin and is super gentle and virtually odorless thanks to the absence of aromatic oils or alcohol.

Creams for Sensitive Skin

MontOlympe has a bunch of great products that I love to use and this Anti-Pigment Day Cream is my latest favorite discovery. My skin literally soaks it up and the fresh herbal scent so typical of MontOlympe is amazingly pleasing. As you can see from the name, it is supposed to reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation with regular use. I just started using it, but my skin feels very good.

The Skin Rejuvenating Night Cream by beautifully nourished, who are known for their supplements in the first place, is actually super rich and nourishing. It nourishes with hyaluronic acid, wheat germ, and argan oil.

The products are all tested by me personally on my super sensitive skin and I can recommend them as suitable creams and serums for sensitive skin. Since each skin reacts differently, I encourage you to read the ingredients carefully yourself before buying.

*Some of the products contain affiliate links. If you buy a product through this link, I receive a small commission, which helps me to keep the blog running. I only write about products that are in line with my values.

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