Address: cremebar Beauty Store: Hohenzollernstr. 58
Studio: Kaiserstrasse 61 80803 Munich

Opening hours: Store: Mo – Fr 11 am – 7 pm Saturday 11 am – 5 pm
Studio: Mo – Fr 8.30 am – 8 pm Sa 10 am – 5 pm


If you’re looking for great organic skincare in Schwabing, you have to stop by one of these places: cremebar and Beautery. Strolling along Hohenzollernstrasse, you’ll notice the beautiful cremebar store. The pretty store design and the carefully selected, mostly regional, products caught my eye immediately. You can find Munich based brands such as The Glow, I Want You Naked andGreen and the Gent. You can also bring your own containers and fill them with packaging-free oils and salts by essential oil brand Wadi.

The spa on Kaiserstrasse welcomes you with positive white and natural colors. The place is inviting and quite generously laid out. cremebar offers facial and body treatments with the Starnberg organic cosmetics brand Pharmos Natur and the wine-based care series from Caudalie.

Perfect for spring: the Body Detox Treatment with Pharmos Natur.

After the weeks-long Corona lockdown, to which at least I owe some weight gain despite jogging, cycling, and zoom yoga lessons, I can recommend the detox body treatment.

Once you enter cremebar, you’re welcomed with an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. At the start of the treatment, I take the Pharmos 3-fruit capsules, which have a detoxifying effect with extracts of the ‘royal fruits’ from the Himalayan mountains. They help to cleanse the body. I’m excited about the holistic treatment approach. I am happy about this because I am convinced of the effect of supplements and superfoods. Beauty from the inside.

We start with a scrub that stimulates blood circulation and removes old skin cells. Afterward follows a massage with juniper oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Then I’m being completely wrapped with a detoxifying and nutritious mixture of clay and aloe vera. While the nutrients I draw in my skin, I receive a wonderful neck massage.

Amazing! I feel great and light-weight when cycling home after the treatment. Drinking lots of tea and water afterwards is crucial, so the system can discard of all the toxins in the body. What’s interesting, is that I have the urge to be more healthy anyways in the following days. After just three days I feel the result: I feel lighter and clothes fit better again. Moreover, my energy level has risen and my skin got a bit better. Detox is worth it. And cremebar is always a good address for organic skincare in Schwabing.

cremebar Body Detox Treatment setup
Empfang cremebar Studio in Schwabing
cremebar beauty studio
Empfang cremebar Studio in Schwabing
cremebar beauty studio
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