Home office = back pain! Does that feel familiar? After a year of home office, I have now been through it all: massages (as long as it was allowed), physiotherapy, acupuncture, and now during lockdown primarily the Black Roll. Everything helped just temporarily, yet sometimes not at all.

When I heard of ShaktiMat , I put it right on my wish list. I really needed help with my back pain. Hallelujah, the first time to lay on these spikes was really torture. I felt all the better when I released myself from it again.

The acupressure mat ShaktiMat supports you in a natural way to release tension in the body. It is said to relax, relieve pain, loosen fasciae and help against sleep disorders.

Help against back pain and sleep disorders

From my own personal experience, it actually helps a lot with tension in the neck and head. To do this, I sometimes roll up the mat to work only on the neck-head area. After initial stabbing pain, the body releases so many endorphins that you actually lie super relaxed on it after about 5 minutes and fall asleep almost trance-like.

ShaktiMat is handmade using organic cotton, natural vegetable dyes, and high-quality recycled foam. The tips are made of hard, non-toxic, fully recyclable ABS plastic and will not stump.

The ShaktiMat has three different degrees. I have the middle grade with 6,210 needles. These are available in black, orange and green. The green one is suitable for beginners as it distributes the body weight better with 8,280 spikes. Only for skilled ones is the purple one with its only 4,140 peaks. If you manage to lay on them naked, you are almost a fakir.

Gratitude Factory in India – Fair and Sustainable

ShaktiMat employs women in India under fair working conditions. It is ShaktiMat’s vision to create a place where women are supported to become self-sufficient and live financially independent lives. This is unfortunately not always the case in rural regions in India. Women are also given access to education and health insurance. This means that with a purchase of the mat you support this project at the same time. I love that with the mat they send you a booklet featuring individual women with their personal stories.

Available at www.shaktimat.de, where you get5% off with a purchase over 110 EUR (Code: AF5P110) or at the eco online shop Avocadostore*

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