Until the first lockdown started in spring 2020, I was still working for a hotel myself. Then all the hotels in Germany were shut down for leisure travel and overnight I found myself with virtually nothing to do. I used this newly gained time for two things: launching Green Luxury Guide and adapting to an even more sustainable lifestyle, like choosing fair fashion and green hotels.

I have preferred booking sustainable hotels when traveling for a long time. When travel limitations started to loosen up again in June, we hit the road. Our first trip to Amsterdam was easy to plan, as the city has an amazing number of excellent eco-hotels and restaurants.

However, for the next trips it became really difficult. I’ve searched the major travel portals for eco-filters and scoured the green travel portals for nice hotels. I have searched organic certifications such as Green Key and Green Globe. Of course, I also consulted Google and Instagram and eventually always found lovely hotels. But the time involved was immense Who has the time and desire to turn the internet upside down to find a nice green hotel? Okay… I do. But while I’ve always loved making lists of my favorite hotels, finding really good organic hotels was just beyond time-consuming for me, too.

If no one else puts together really good green hotels, I will!

And so I decided if no one else was doing it really well, I’d just do it myself. I spent the first weeks creating Excel lists, looking for a team that could implement my project with me, and above all: finding a name. That’s not so easy in this online world where the best domains are already taken.

It actually took me a while to come across Select Green Hotels. And even longer until the Coming Soon page was up and running. All the happier I am now about the interim result and can hardly wait to present the site to you. We are currently still working on finalizing the technical components and concluding contracts with the hotels. One thing I can reveal already: the site will be really nice and we will have super cool hotels in Europe on it.

Until then, I would be very happy if you follow me onInstagram or sign up for the newsletter 🙂

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